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The First (2020) Advanced Robotics Challenge

<The announcement of the teams that passed the Paperwork screening >
We announce the teams that passed the Paperwork screening in the 1st Advanced Robotics Challenge. For details,please download the Press Release and check it.  →  the Press Release

<What is Advanced Robotics Challenge? >
To promote personnel development young people in advanced robotics fields, we aim to cultivate talented young people through the competition to push the boundaries of robotics technology, using the competition format as a methodology for evaluation (outstanding teams will be rewarded with research grants, prize money, and acclaim, while also stimulating greater development in the future). As a result, this will contribute to the development of advanced robotics and the drone industries.

<What the mission in The First (2020) Advanced Robotics Challenge? >
Participants will be asked to undertake a mission to disaster relief (search and rescue) on the assumption that a large-scale earthquake has occurred.

※ For details, please download the “Application Overview” from the “Official Documents Download Page” and confirm it.

We look forward to your challenge!

<Participating teams wanted >
From 10/01/2019 to 12/20/2019, we are looking for participating teams (free of entry).

※ For details, please download all documents from the “Official Documents Download Page” and confirm it.

The team applying should fill in on the “Entry Form” and upload the “Proposal” (PDF format). Please convert the “Proposal” in Word format to PDF format and attach it.

Entry Form ※Please submit the Proposal here.
Official Documents Download Page