1. The competition planning committee will perform duties focused on creating competition scenarios.

2. The competition review committee will review documents, create the points to consider in review and judging at main events, etc., and perform the actual screening and selection. There are also plans for the director and trustees to participate.

3. Next-generation robotics research committee forums and workshops will be held several times annually. In particular, there will be presentations by teams that have passed the screening following the competition’s paperwork screening, and by the first and second place teams in each category after main events, and other activities. These research committee will be open to foundation corporate members. The term foundation corporate member refers to a corporation that pays annual membership dues.

4. Young Human resource development committee will deal with various matters related to the personnel development of young people other than competitions.

5. The general affairs committee performs duties related to all foundation projects.

6. The director, trustees, and members of the competition planning and competition Review committees are the founding members, and there are plans to replenish them with qualified persons as necessary.