Sharing information at the ARC briefing session

On November 29, we held a briefing session at the 1st Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC) in Tokyo, Japan. We would like to share the material distributed there and the summary of the Q&A session with everyone who applies to the competition.

The following information was newly released.

・Details of the venue
・Overview of communication infrastructure

※For the venue, we have announced that “details will be informed a few days before the event”, but due to various reasons, we announce it before the application deadline.

Besides, there is the following fixe from the information that was published in advance.

・”A flight area of the 25 square kilometers”
 →A flight area of the about 10 square kilometers

For more information, please download the following materials, confirm, and use them to create a Proposal.

Slides for ARC briefing session (PDF)
Summary of the Q&A session (PDF)